Tiny Tunes 1.11.1 Download | Install TinyTunes on Android 2018

TinyTunes is one of the best free music Android app available in the market today. TinyTunes 1.11.1 app is revolutionary in approach which lets you listen to the music, download thousands of songs and stream unlimited audio for free.

TinyTunes App Download

Download and install TinyTunes 1.11.1 on your Android device to access the latest hits at a single touch, you can enjoy the remixed tracks and artwork of music makers from all over the world.  Tap to play all queued music tracks or select which one to play. You can download free music on your device and enjoy them when there is no internet connection available.

Tiny Tunes Requirements

App NameTinyTunes
CategoryMusic Streaming, Music Download, Entertainment
Official URlhttp://tinytunesapps.com/
Supported Operating SystemAndroid 2.3+
Current Version1.11.1
Previous Version1.11.0
File Size4.62 MB
Download File Size35.6 MB
App FeaturesStreaming and Downloading Free Music

Tiny Tunes Review

Download official TinyTunes APK for maximum music pleasure and enjoyment, free of cost. Complete Tiny Tunes Review is posted below.

This free music app is well-designed with a dark layout that is easy to navigate, with just four tabs to skim through. Settings, browsing and a termination button are available at the top right corner, away from accidental taps. The app works smoothly and there is no lag, which makes it better than Google Play Music.

The first tab in the app is Charts, which is where you can access the top-ranked and most popular tracks according to the playlists they have been featured in. You can find individual music tracks as well as music albums. New releases, Billboard tracks as well as tracks available according to genres such as children’s music, Christian and Gospel, along with Alternative, Country, Dance, Electronic and more are available here.

In the Download tab, you can find tracks you have queued to be saved offline through the app. The adjoining Library tab shows all songs saved to the device as well as those ready to stream. The Playing tab shows current queue.

This music app is very easy to use. It is helpful to listen to your favorite tracks. The settings are easily accessed and altered to suit your device’s needs.

Updates on the app are slow, but the library is ever new and full of amazing artists and their music.

How to download Tiny Tunes APK?

To download and install TinyTunes.apk 1.11.1 file on your Android device, you will need an internet connection which doesn’t terminate. Get proper WiFi strength and try this method.

Method 1: Use this link on your device to download the file. The file is small in size, so it should not take long on a normal internet connection. Try again if download fails or terminates.

Method 2: Search Google for “Tiny Tunes apk file”. You will get a lot of links to the file. Pick a reliable one and download the file.

How to install Tiny Tunes APK file?

The steps to install music app for Android are given here.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Enter Security>>Unknown Sources. Tap the option to activate.
  3. Open Downloads folder on the phone. Find the downloaded apk file.
  4. Tap to run the file. Press Install to get TinyTunes app on your Android.

You can ignore the first two steps if the Unknown Sources option is already active.

How to Use Tiny Tunes for Android?

To use this Android app, you need to download it and install it to your device. This free music streaming app is easy to use, has a streamlined interface and simple navigation through various tabs. The various features and guidelines to use TinyTunes are described in the steps below.

  • You can search for new music in this app by pressing the magnifying glass button on the top right of the window. Type in your favorite artist or track and you will get original tracks as well as remixes, reprieves and other modified tracks.
  • To explore the latest music, go check Charts tab. You will get latest ranked lists, new releases and most popular songs etc. There are also options for finding tracks from your favorite genres only.
  • To know what music files are downloading, go to Download tab. The music tracks being downloaded are displayed there.
  • Library tab can be used to find music you have downloaded to your device using the app itself. It makes things easier as compared to file explorer apps.
  • Stream on top of song checkboxes in the Playing tab shows which songs require the internet to play.

Tiny Tunes for PC: Easy Method

To play Tiny Tunes on your PC and listen to awesome songs, the easiest way is using Android Emulators like Andy. Use this method to get TinyTunes app on Windows PC and Macs.

  1. Download Andy application from the internet. It is freely available on its official site.
  2. Install the application. Then, login with a gmail account to enable Google Features.
  3. Download latest apk app like before. You can download it directly on the Android OS or on your PC through web browsers.
  4. Run apk file on the emulator. You can click the file in the notification tray of the emulator, or click “open with” on the file and choose Andy.
  5. The file will be installed. This free music streaming app is ready to use on your PC or Mac

 Tiny Tunes for iPhone: Easy Method

This free music explorer apk can also be enjoyed from iOS devices like iPAD or iPHONE. You just need an emulator to use this Android app. You can follow few simple steps to get this app on your device.

  1. Download emulator like Cydia iAndroid application from the internet. It is free of cost and can be downloaded from its official site.
  2. Install the application.
  3. Download music streaming app like before.
  4. Run the apk file on the emulator. You can click the file in the notification tray of the emulator, or click “open with” on the file and choose iAndroid.
  5. The file will be installed and TinyTunes app for iPhone and Also, can be used from your iOS devices

For other devices

You can also get Tiny Tunes on other devices that support the app. Devices like Blackberry and Microsoft Android phones too can use the app using the apk directly.

You cannot download and run TinyTunes for devices that run Windows Phone OS. Linux and BB OS below 10.2 versions will also fail to run the app. For such devices, you can use Tiny Tunes on a PC, download songs and albums of your choice and transfer them to your devices that don’t run the app.

You can also get Tiny Tunes alternatives like Vidmate, Netflix or Spotify app.


Tiny Tunes apk android is small in size, easy to install and gives free access to thousands of songs. You can use the app to listen to your favorite music by the most popular artists, find remixes, karaoke tracks, reprieves and club mixes etc. The interface is attractive and easy to understand, as well as well optimised for all devices. This free music streaming app is recommended for all Android devices.


Q.1 How can I install TinyTunes?
Download latest apk file from above mentioned link, open the downloaded file and click Install. You can easily install it on any Android device.
Q 2. Do I have to pay to download music?
No, you don’t have to pay any amount. TinyTunes offers you free access to thousands of music tracks which you can download without any charges.
Q 3.How to use TinyTunes music app?
After installing the app, you can explore the music of various genres in Charts tab. To download, select a song and get it using the Download symbol at the top; the songs are available in Library tab which you can enjoy when there is no internet connection. Playing tab shows the music tracks that you have streamed.
Q 4.Can I install TinyTunes on my iPhone?
Yes, iPhone users can easily download this app. To get .apk file for ios your iOS device , you just have to visit here and follow some simlpe installation steps.

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