TinyTunes for Windows PC & Mac

TinyTunes is an app that lets you stream thousands of songs hosted on seven different servers from your Android device. You can enjoy the music of TinyTunes very easily from your Windows PCs or Mac computers. You just need to install Emulator (like Bootstrap, AMiduos, Android studio, Andy) on your computer to use this Android app. We recommend Andy Android emulator. You can download it from its official website here.

How to download Emulator on Windows PC & Mac?

  1. To install android apps on your iOS devices you need Emulator. There are many Emulators available in the market for free. Few credible emulators are iEMU iOS Emulator, Cider Apk, Dalvik emulator, Cydia iAndroid etc. Choose the most trusted one for your iPhone and iPad and download it from web browser
  2. After downloading, install it in your iPhone. If you have downloaded it on your PC you easily transfer the file to your phone using a USB cable.
  3. When installation gets complete, you can browse through thousands of Android apps.

How to install TinyTunes apk on Windows PC & Mac?

  1. Go to your web browser and download TinyTunes apk file from here
  2. Go to Android emulator and run the downloaded Tinytunes apk file from there.